10,000 Keys to a Better Future

Imagine it: Holding the keys to your new home for the first time. That sense of achievement fuels our purpose of building better lives for our co-workers and their families. It is our mission to provide 10,000 co-workers with the means to realize their dreams. Whether it’s that first home or a similar lifelong goal, we aim to put the keys to success within reach of all our co-workers. Discover the heartwarming moment that inspired the 10,000 Keys initiative in the video below and follow our story here.

We aim to put the keys to success within the reach of all our co-workers.

In 2015, a co-worker approached Baker Chief Talent and Strategy Officer, Kerri Smith Petrillo, to thank her for helping him accomplish his lifelong dream of owning his own home. Kerri was so inspired by his story that she, along with other Baker leaders, launched the 10,000 Keys Initiative to celebrate and honor co-workers who reach their dreams.

If you or a co-worker you know has purchased a first home or fulfilled a similar lifelong dream while working at Baker since 2015, please share that information in the form below. Every co-worker who achieves their dream will be invited to sign a golden key on the 10,000 Keys wall in their local office and presented with a commemorative key ring.


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