Workforce Development

Investing in the Future

More than half a century ago, our founder, Dan Baker, learned the art of concrete construction from his grandfather. We have a calling to provide that same opportunity to the next generation of concrete construction specialists. The following are just a few ways we invest in workforce development. 



Bringing the next generation on board starts with high school students. Baker co-workers frequently partner with high schools, tech schools, and workforce development programs to ignite interest in the construction industry and provide students with the means to start exploring career paths.


Our co-op and intern programs put students on track to earn their Baker dual degree. Baker interns work for three months at a time — typically over the summer — while co-ops take several months off during the school year to work. During that period, they get a real-world view of what it’s like to work in the industry and for Baker.

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In some locations, Baker offers a two-year apprenticeship program. It provides adults already in or looking to join the workforce with the means to build a career that offers purpose, steady work, and a chance to grow. The program fosters a safe environment to learn a trade, develop a career, raise the bar on quality, and fast-track our co-workers into leadership positions.


Some of our regions participate in Construction Boot Camp, an eight-week program to introduce high school students aged 16 and older to career paths in the construction industry. Throughout the summer, construction boot campers learn the basics about construction and safety, engage in hands-on activities, and earn a paycheck in the process. The program is a collaborative venture, inviting participation from many area companies.