5 Tips to Make Life Smoother at Work and Home

Work-life balance affects everyone, including those of us in the concrete construction industry. We’re all juggling paid work with caring for our families. That may include young children, aging parents, or spouses dealing with an illness. With those long, irregular hours we sometimes have to put in, there’s a risk of work-life conflict and burnout.

At Baker, we value our people as our most worthwhile asset. We want every co-worker to feel good about how you spend your time at work and home. As summer turns into fall and schedules get busier, see if these five tips can help.

  1. Plan ahead.

It’s critical to set yourself up for success every day. The best way to do this is to plan for your morning the night before. If you’re a list person, make a list. Pack your bag. Have your breakfast and lunch ready. Even taking 10 or 15 minutes to organize your thoughts for the next day can help you sleep, decrease stress, and start your day off right.

  1. Prioritize your time.

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. This rule applies both on the job and in your personal life. Determine what’s most important, which tasks or activities will add the most value. Punctuality matters on the job site and in life.

  1. Exercise.

Fitness is especially important as the weather turns cold because we tend to spend more time huddled up inside. In the summer, many of us are naturally exercising simply by being active outside. It’s not always a conscious decision – it just kind of happens. In the fall and winter, however, we must make the decision to go to the gym or go out in the cold for a run. And exercise is one of the best ways to clear your mind, maintain stress levels and balance your life.

  1. Pay attention.

Listen to the signs your body is giving you. If you feel like some aspect of work is causing too much stress, or certain people are bringing you down, first take note, then take action. Sometimes our lives fall out of balance without us knowing simply because we don’t notice how we’re feeling.

  1. Play hard.

Let’s not be so hard on the changing seasons. Summer is great, but fall has its pluses, too. There’s football games, holidays, crisp fall days… One of the best things you can do to maintain your work-life balance is set aside time to unwind and have fun. At Baker, we work hard, but we play hard, too. Get out there and enjoy the fall weather!