Baker’s Renovation Team Offers Precision and Innovation in Concrete Renovation

Concrete renovation projects present a unique set of complex risk factors. Field decisions that made sense during original construction aren’t always reflected in the final drawings. Subsequent renovations and modifications don’t always get documented with the original construction documents. Often, renovation teams need to be more prepared and flexible than in original construction, taking extra care to protect the structure and its surroundings.

Success hinges on partnering with an experienced team that has the capabilities and initiative to identify, document, and mitigate uncertainty before construction ever begins. That’s where Baker’s Renovation Solutions team excels. Integrating cutting-edge technology and deep industry expertise, the Renovation Solutions team brings to bear Baker’s decades of experience in concrete construction with a specialized focus on revitalizing concrete structures.

Building New Purpose into Existing Structures
Providing service to the mid-Atlantic region, the Renovation Solutions team offers expertise with:
• Strengthening, reinforcing, and stabilization
• Repair and restoration
• Seismic retrofitting

The team can be called on to strategically plan and safely execute on a variety of project types, including:
• Converting disused infrastructure into viable, functional spaces
• Modernizing spaces while meeting historical preservation goals
• Retrofitting interior spaces to support new uses while maintaining the exterior appearance
• Expanding structures vertically or horizontally to meet new space requirements

Adding Value to Our Clients’ Toolkit
Structural renovations require meticulous planning to ensure stability, layout, and functionality. The Baker model is designed to mitigate risk and maximize value from project inception to final closeout through:
Client-centric collaboration. Baker doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution; through collaboration, we customize our approach to each project’s specifications and budgetary constraints. Our systems and processes are purposefully designed to facilitate communication, transparent workflow, conflict resolution, and continuous feedback.
Value engineering. Uncertainty drives up risk and costs. By combining advanced construction technologies with decades of field-tested experience, we identify opportunities for improved economy of design, better cost containment and waste reduction, reduced delivery time, enhanced functionality, lifecycle cost reduction, and increased client satisfaction.
Data-driven decision-making. At Baker, technology isn’t just for show-and-tell. It’s deeply integrated into our processes. Our in-house virtual design and construction, building information modeling (BIM), and laser scanning capabilities augment our ability to uncover risks and advance solutions. This leads to cost-effective conflict and error detection, enhanced collaboration and communication, smarter construction logistics, flawless documentation, and optimized site logistics.
Streamlined coordination. Baker teams know what it takes to coordinate people, schedules, and logistics to safely deliver high-caliber work on projects of all scopes and sizes. We employ integrated workflow systems, precise task sequencing, proactive delay mitigation, real-time schedule adjustment, strategic resource deployment, and comprehensive progress tracking to drive the schedule.
Sustainable expertise. Baker is committed to being an industry leader in sustainable construction practices and operations. This dedication goes beyond mere practice; it’s about collaboration and progress. Whether it’s using low-carbon concrete or sustainably sourced materials, conserving resources, reducing waste, or something in between, we work with our clients to achieve their sustainability goals.

Every renovation project we touch also benefits from our Incident and Injury Free safety standards and rigorous quality measures. For our team, safety and quality aren’t items to be checked off a list; they are built into our processes from day one.

Putting More Muscle Behind Every Renovation Project
Baker has the technical know-how, cutting-edge technology, safety record, and financial muscle to deliver a turnkey solution as promised.

As the leading concrete contractor in the nation, we offer our clients boots-on-the-ground expertise, partnerships with local trade partners, and full-service equipment yards. Our clients can also count on Baker to deliver relationship-building quality on every project. We will go above and beyond to protect the integrity of existing structures. The results are durable, lasting solutions built with precision to extend the life and purpose of concrete structures.

To learn more about how the Renovation Solutions team can bring more value to your toolkit, contact Erik Wagner at 202.461.3350 or