Blazing Trails to a Better Future

Women in Construction (WIC) Week (March 5 to 11) strives to raise awareness about the opportunities available to women in our field. This year’s theme of “Many Paths, One Mission” celebrates the different journeys women have taken to find success in the construction industry.

More women are finding a home for their talents and interests in the industry. That’s good news for women who dream of building epic structures and a solid future for themselves. It’s also good news for our future.

According to statistics compiled by the National Association of Women in Construction, women account for only 10.9% of the workforce in the construction industry. At a time when our industry is hurting for people, helping more women blaze their trails in construction just makes sense.

While we celebrate the women on our teams during WIC Week, we believe helping our co-workers create a brighter future for themselves and their families is a year-round movement. We believe in building diverse and inclusive teams and in creating equal opportunities for women to thrive. Through apprenticeships, training, and opportunities to move or advance within our company, we want to provide as many pathways as possible for all our co-workers.

Our women co-workers have grit, honor, and the determination to get it done. Their mettle, drive, and talent have earned them a place among the best of the best. They are trailblazers, and we are better for it.

If you dream of a career where you can choose your own adventure, find a greater purpose, and build a solid future for yourself and your family, Baker is the team for you. Check out our current openings.