Building a Foundation for Luxury in Greater Zion

Baker’s Great West Region is making great progress on Black Desert Resort in Ivins, Utah. Carved out of black lava rock, the 600-acre resort will feature a golf course, luxury hotel, spa, retail space, and residences with awe-inspiring views of the Greater Zion area.

The resort is a cast-in-place structure with a sprawling footprint. Baker is providing turnkey services, including concrete and rebar, for what will total more than one million square feet of structural slabs. The project scope includes a level of parking atop spread footings, with five building towers over a podium consisting of both hotel rooms and condos. By the time Baker’s scope is completed in the summer of 2023, more than 45,000 cubic yards of concrete will have been placed.

The project was nearly 2.5 years in development. During that time, Baker worked alongside general contractor SIRQ Construction to provide budget assistance and design recommendations. The schedule was agreed upon in March 2022, and Baker broke ground in May 2022.