After Harvey and Irma, Baker Team Pulls Together

Baker co-workers and projects are busy rebounding from the effects of two powerful hurricanes over the past few weeks. Harvey’s flooding hit our Texas folks particularly hard, followed by Irma, affecting homes and job sites throughout Florida.


Although some schedules were delayed, Baker projects in the Houston and South Florida are now back up and running after the recent hurricanes.


Thanks to everyone on the Baker team for lending a helping hand. In the Southern Region, 36 co-workers’ properties were impacted and all have received assistance from Baker. We helped remediate co-workers’ homes by providing demolition crews to rip out floors, haul trash, remove sheetrock and insulation, and dispose of damaged furniture and appliances. Baker also loaned out generators and fans and provided sheetrock to help rebuild co-workers’ homes.


Safety will remain our priority as this hurricane season continues, with Hurricanes Jose, Lee, and Maria on the horizon.