Hurricane Harvey Update: Recovery Is Underway

It’s been just over a week since Hurricane Harvey slammed into the coast of Texas, dumping record amounts of rain on Houston and its neighbors. Huge sections of the fourth largest US city remain underwater, and some places in Houston may be uninhabitable for weeks or months to come.

Here at Baker, we’re right in the middle of it—Houston happens to be one of our most important regions. This category 4 storm, spanning 280 miles with winds of 130 mph, directly impacted our job sites.

More importantly, Harvey impacted our co-workers.

With surrounding roads and areas flooded, Baker’s Houston offices and job sites were closed last Monday and Tuesday. As always, the safety of our co-workers and their families remained a top concern. Our priority was keeping everyone safe throughout the storm. Baker co-workers will be paid for those two days when area job sites were closed.

We also sent help in the form of equipment and manpower. Case in point: BEAM co-workers Rex Harp and Jimmy Littleton drove in 6-inch trash pumps, as well as fans and smaller water pumps, to assist Baker-Houston operations.

We are in the process of identifying Baker co-workers who were severely and directly impacted by Harvey and its aftermath. Drywall and other supplies are on the way to help those folks rebuild their homes. We’ll continue to stay in touch and provide support to these co-workers throughout the long recovery process.


Do you know of any Baker co-workers in the Houston area who need help after Harvey?

Talk to your project manager or superintendent and let them know. All superintendents are meeting regularly with Baker leadership to address storm-related issues and co-worker needs.

At Baker, we believe in taking care of our own. Together as a team, we will get through and come out stronger. Let’s all continue to keep our co-workers, clients, and partners in the Houston area in our thoughts and prayers.