545 Wynwood

Structural | Garage, Mixed-use, Multi-family, Office


Garage, Mixed-use, Multi-family, Office


Project Overview

Located in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood, just minutes north of downtown, 545 Wynwood, a 298,000 square foot tower, is a 10 story mixed-use building with 5 parking floors, 5 office floors, retail areas, and an amenity deck on the 5th floor located in the Art District of Wynwood. The parking garage is designed for exposed concrete to be painted to match the artistic theme of the neighborhood. The 5th floor amenity deck is complete with cast-in-place planters and benches that serve as a place for patrons to enjoy the scenic view. This project was completed by our Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida, team.


John Moriarty & Associates


Miami, FL


24,000 cy


November 2021