John W. Turk Jr. Power Plant

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Project Overview

The John W. Turk, Jr. Power Plant is one of the cleanest coal-fueled plants and the first of its kind in operation in the United States. The 600-megawatt plant will use an advanced “Ultra-Supercritical” coal combustion technology and enables the plant to meet stringent emission limits. The Rotary Car Dumper has 81-foot deep foundations that required moving 150,000 cubic yards of dirt and rock.

Baker installed 20 wells, pumping water 24/7 in order to maintain low water levels and facilitate excavation. Baker team completed 3.5-foot thick walls while placing more than 943,000 lbs. of reinforcing steel. A waterproof membrane was included on all exposed concrete and backfilling. The Reclaim Tunnel included peculiar structural shape, recessed roof and over 103,000 lbs. of embedded items. Baker built and installed more than 76 pieces of precast sections-weighing as much as 75,000 lbs.


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El Dorado, AR


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