Kaiser Permanente

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Commercial, Office


Project Overview

Kaiser Permanente medical facility for outpatient services, doctor offices and parking garage. Baker contributed concrete footings, retaining walls, elevated slab on metal deck in the hub, cast in place parking garage.
The CIP garage is 6 levels, 363,000 sf with 61k SOG with and elevator bank and two sets of stairs. 12,602 cy
The building is 300k sf total, 70,000 sf of SOG and 230,000 sf of SOMD. 11,101 cy, Footings and foundations walls with 6 floors of SOMD.
Significant landscaping walls, footings for the connecting canopy areas, 2 – one sided retaining walls, and an exterior loading dock made up the remainder of the work.
Most challenging aspect: high-tolerance anchor bolts, unsuitable and wet soil, restricted access on 25% of project. To overcome these challenges, the team built specific templates to keep the bolts aligned during pours, shipped in stone from offsite, and sequenced the work to keep us out of the tree line throughout the project. Unique aspect of the project: The canopy ties the building to the garage, and we worked closely with multiple trades in coordinating the steel frame structure


Whiting Turner Contracting Company


Woodbridge, VA


21,294 CY


November 2020