Miami Art Museum – Perez Art Museum

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Culture/Education, Institutional, Sports/Entertainment


Project Overview

The first of its kind in the area, the new Miami Art Museum (MAM) serves the Miami-Dade area with holdings never before seen in this beautiful South Florida city. Completed in 2013, the MAM is an architectural marvel, incorporating lush greenery, cantilevered gallery rooms suspended above open plazas below, and an open, natural feel to the 200,000 square feet of space. Located on the 29-acre Museum Park, the architecture relies heavily on the design of exterior space, devoting some 80,000 square feet of the total project to outdoor areas that help promote the Miami area. The project was the first in the USA to use the Cobiax® system on the decks equivalent to approximately 105,000 square feet of the building. This project was completed by our Fort Lauderdale, Florida, team.


John Moriarty & Associates


Miami, FL


200,000 SqFt


May 2013