Optima Camelview Village

Structural | Multi-family, Residential/Hospitality


Multi-family, Residential/Hospitality


Project Overview

Located in downtown Scottsdale, Arizona, the award-winning Optima Camelview Village is a 700-unit development. The community is spread across 11 terraced buildings that are linked by bridges, creating a network of pedestrian friendly courtyards. The project is built on a structural bay with varying cantilevered landscaped terraces up to 20 feet, and it sits atop a 1,250-car below-grade garage. The 13-acre site also includes 23 acres of roof gardens. Amenities include three swimming pools, racquetball and basketball courts, a putting green, and extensive landscaping. The development has won numerous awards, including the AIA Housing Awards for Architecture – Category Three, the AIA Arizona Design Excellence Awards – Distinguished Building Honor Award, and the Southwest Contractor Best of 2008 Awards for Landscape/Urban Design/Residential


Constructive Engineering Group


Scottsdale, AZ


20,000 cy


June 2007