The Kitimat Modernization Project

Industrial | Manufacturing, Supply Chain


Manufacturing, Supply Chain


Project Overview

The first project in Canada for DL Baker, LLC, this project consisted of 43 reduction and substation facilities and 18 carbon and casthouse structures. Baker’s scope included structural foundations; Busbar foundations; slab-on-grades; slabs on-metal decks; cast-in-place elevated decks; cast-in-place elevated ramps; precast, including walls of varying weight up to 104,000 pounds; approximately 584 precast Potline pedestals; precast elevated slabs; and electrical trenches. The scope also included the procurement and installation of all rebar, embeds, anchor bolts, and insulating shells; procurement of specialized spreader beams and electrical continuity testing; and installation of the fiberglass and insulators.

The project team successfully rose to the challenge of working in a remote location. In addition, the team safely and efficiently met the project’s stringent industrial tolerances for bolts and embeds, PC elements, and use of high aluma concrete for the anode baking furnace.


Bechtel Cananda


Kitimat, BC


144,084 CY


May 2014