Reaching New Heights in Virginia

Tall structures attract big attention, and the Reston Next – Block D project will be one of the tallest in Virginia. When it is completed in 2025, the 40-story tower will be home to residences, office space, and retail space, along with a parking garage.

The project broke ground in June 2022 and topped out this past November. From the start, the project has served as an illustration of how early collaboration between project partners can lead to positive results. Co-workers from Baker’s Greater DC Region have worked hand in hand with the structural engineers, architects, and general contractor to design the building as the job progressed. This early and frequent teamwork has proven advantageous for controlling the schedule and managing quality and production.

Specifically, the team has been better able to anticipate, work through, and mitigate challenges — such as placing a 10-foot-thick mat foundation. Just as the foundation will support this 40-story tower, it set the precedent for success going forward. Requiring 7,000 cubic yards of concrete and 1,200 tons of rebar, the mat foundation was placed in three separate pours, each requiring three concrete pumps and more than 16 hours of pour time. The rebar was supported by cast-in-place hi-load scaffold instead of standees due to the weight and complexity. Procuring such a high volume of concrete material from local plants was made possible with close coordination and planning between the project team and suppliers.

Meticulous tracking and documentation of tasks and milestones has enhanced efficiency and coordination. The result is high-quality performance with work that is done right the first time.