The Silver Hardhat

There’s a certain image that people have when they think “construction worker.” Hard hat, steel-toed boots, tools of the trade, and protective gear—all part of the construction worker’s “brand”. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates there are over 5.6 million individuals who work in the construction and extraction industry.  Baker co-workers standout.  Why?

Dan Baker knew that an affordable, simple, practical way to have a Baker crew standout was to make part of the uniform each co-worker wore unique.  When you look at a site there is energy.  It’s moving.  When you look at the co-worker on the site you immediately identify them by their hardhat.  What’s the logo, the color, and how many stickers are on the hardhat.  Focusing on this piece of the construction workers uniform and making it distinct would make Baker stand out.  While many companies went with white or brown hardhats, Dan went with silver.

The sliver hardhat isn’t a marketing stunt.  Yes, it sets the company apart, but in addition the color has meaning.  Years ago, Dan Baker founded the company on hustle, muscle, smarts, and risk taking.  All traits Dan associated with the nostalgic football team the Oakland Raiders.  The silver and black Oakland Raiders.

The distinct color became a symbol of pride for many who have worked for Baker.  The recognizable color also showed how much Dan Baker and other company leaders trust their team.  People on a job site can easily identify a Baker co-worker.  That is exactly what company leaders wanted.  They trust the people who represent them onsite and have confidence in the processes in place.

Today, the silver hardhat continues to represent hustle, muscle, smarts, and a few more things – high quality workmanship, a safety-first philosophy, and a partner you can count on.