Top 10 Reasons to Work in Concrete

Jeremy Montgomery a long-time concrete worker from Nebraska shares his Top 10 list for the perks of being a “Concrete Guy.”


My Top 10 Reasons to be a Concrete Guy

  1. It’s a skilled craft—Very few can do what concrete guys do. Very few. Concrete guys are part of an elite group of craftsmen who have learned their skill not by a book—not by a professor—but by our colleagues & mentors through years of hands-on learning. AKA—the “School of Hard Knocks.”
  2. Camaraderie—Being on a crew builds teamwork along with feeling part of a brotherhood.
  3. Opportunity—I’m proud to be in the concrete industry simply due to its potential growth regarding technology and applications. Technology grows at an exponential rate. Think back just 20 years and imagine the opportunities our industry will bring in the next two decades. The only question is—who is going to take advantage of those opportunities?
  4. Pride—It’s cool to show off your work. It’s cool to show people what you built. If you do it correctly, you’ll be able to appreciate your work for decades.
  5. The people—The people I deal with are top notch, class act individuals who I can always count on. I owe everything I have today to the mentors I’ve had throughout my career.
  6. A room with a view—Everyday has a different office view.
  7. Every day is different—You interact with different people every day. And due to concrete being environmentally sensitive… that just adds to the excitement.
  8. Cool toys—Who wouldn’t want to use power tools, setup lasers and GPS, run a laser screed, drive a skid loader, operate finishing equipment… the list goes on!
  9. We’re the toughest of all the trades—I will put a concrete guy against any other tradesman! Concrete construction is the only industry where simply being “tough” is the ONLY prerequisite needed. We are tough—and that message needs to be promoted more. #ConcreteTough
  10. NO GYM FEES—Being out of the field for ten years—I can personally attest to this. Now I have back pain, hip pain, gout, and soft hands.